July 12, 2024

MonTech SBS (Silent Body Spacers)

Italian bodyshell producer Mon-tech Racing has introduced SBS (Silent Body Spacers) for racers tired of annoying rattles and vibrations in their bodyshell.  This new accessory eliminates unwanted noise and vibrations for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.  Made from soft neoprene, SBS spacers simply insert into the body posts of your RC car, effectively cushioning your bodyshell and preventing those irritating rattles.  They are available in convenient blister packs of 8 pieces.

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July 11, 2024

Xray X4 CFF Extra Soft Upper Arm

New from Xray for its X4 1:10 Electric Touring Car is an Extra Soft CFF (Carbon Fibre Fusion) Upper Arm.  The extra soft arm with thinner carbon generates more mechanical traction of the car and improves side traction.  While the softer arm is slightly more fragile, it is recommended for very low & low traction asphalt and carpet tracks.  The upper arm shape conforms around the inner shock position for proper clearance without compromising strength and improve steering and both forward traction and lateral traction.  This design improves durability and eliminates radial play for maximum precision and control from the upper arms.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 11, 2024

WIRC GT4R-1 1:8 GT Chassis

Italian Onroad and Offroad chassis manufacturer WIRC Racing has released its latest 1:8 GT kit, the GT4R-1.  Teasing the release of the new car over the last few weeks, the key features of the latest kit is a new suspension design that boasts an 11 mm lower front and rear suspension for enhanced stability. The car includes a redesigned radio plate and optimised weight distribution for improve car control. Additionally, the GT4R-1 is equipped with a new braking system which is says ensures reliable stopping power.  Earlier in the year WIRC announced a new larger brake disc for its 1:8 GT Nitro chassis.

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July 11, 2024

MonacoRC Sidewall Tires Electric Gluer Carbon Look

MonacoRC has released a new Carbon Look Tire Sidewall Electric Gluer which its says it ready to revolutionise your track experience with its incredible practicality.  This tool is designed to be your perfect ally, ensuring efficiency and style in an extremely compact format.  Small, lightweight, and compact, it measures just  5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm making it easy to carry as it takes up very little space in your racing gear.  Despite being 3D printed, the case features a carbon look finish that gives it a sleek and professional appearance.  The wheel dragger is cleverly housed within the same case, allowing for neat and protected transport and activation is done via a switch integrated into the case, maintaining a clean design without protruding elements.  Operating with a C123 battery (not included) that ensures long-lasting performance and easy replacement the Carbon Look Tyre Sidewall Electric Gluer is ideal for those who need an effective device to always carry with them, without the weight and bulk of traditional track tools.

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July 11, 2024

OfficinaRC A800 Titan Body Tuck Screw

In its latest product release, OfficinaRC has added this Titan Body Tuck Screw intended for the Awesomatix A800 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  When attention to detail makes all the difference, OfficinaRC offers the highest quality and performance with the screw produced in Italy from certified titanium.  Titanium offers superior strength and lightness, improving your model’s performance.  A refined look that sets your model apart from others, being produced to high-quality standards ensures long-lasting durability and consistent performance.

Source: Monaco RC [monacorc.com]

July 11, 2024

Raceform 1:10 Onroad Lazer Rig electronic upgrade

Following on from the electronic operation upgrade of its 1:8 Buggy tyre gluing jig, Raceform has announced that it is now offering an option to upgrade their 1:10 Onroad Lazer Jig.  The innovative attachment transforms your existing jig into the first-ever portable, electronically-assisted tyre gluing system which also doubles as Side Wall Gluer.  It offers you effortless, consistent gluing as you can focus on applying glue, not turning the wheel.  You can also say goodbye to CA glue contact, eliminate the risk of getting glue on your hands.  Long gluing sessions become a breeze meaning mo more wrist fatigue.  The upgrade is simple with it installed easily on your existing 1:10 Lazer Jig is approx 3-minutes.  Once fitted it will work with any power bank, charger, or USB outlet and most RC chargers.  The 6500mah Power bank provides 7+ hours of continuous use.

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July 11, 2024

1:5 Large Scale FEMCA International – Announcement

New South Wales Radio Control Racing Car Club has announced the inaugural running of the 1:5 Large Scale FEMCA International at the John Grant Raceway in Sydney on October 23rd to 27th.  The club, which did a superb job of hosting the 1:8 GT World Championships last year, was due to host this year’s IFMAR Large Scale World Championship however due to low numbers of entries the race was cancelled.  A major disappointment for  the Asian Large Scale scene,  the club approached FEMCA with the idea that with all the fantastic tracks located throughout the Asia/Pacific that they would try to build 1:5 scale throughout the region, and allow their side of the world to travel to a championships with a lot less cost.  Making use of the racing facilities throughout the Asia/Pacific that would only otherwise be chosen on the IFMAR rotation cycle, and, as shown over the past 14 years then get underutilised as the European countries due to cost etc.  As a result NSWRCRCC will host the inaugural 1:5 FEMCA International at its track on the week the Worlds was due to be held, providing all competitors who booked tickets/ accommodation a big race meeting.

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July 10, 2024

OfficinaRC Mi9 Titanium Screw Kits

OfficinaRC has introduced nine titanium screw kits specifically designed for the Schumacher Mi9 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  Four of these kits are dedicated to the upper part of the model and are offered in two variations: UFS and Skinny UFS.  UFS is renowned for its robust look and strength while the new Skinny UFS has smaller head sizes to weigh the same or less than aluminium screws of the same length (approximately 10-30% less than UFS depending on the length).  Additionally, there is a lower part kit made of SFS with all OfficinaRC screws crafted in Italy from top-quality certified materials.

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