June 21, 2024

Balestri Top Qualifier at 1:10 200mm European C/Ship

Dario Balestri is the Top Qualifier for the 2024 EFRA 1:10 Nitro Touring Car European Championship, the Italian heading an Infinity 1-2 in France from team-mate Jilles Groskamp.  Racing at the Le Model’Club Thionvillois in northern France, where rain has effected the action, Balestri topped the opening three qualifiers to secure pole position for Saturday’s title race which is the 18th running of the championship.  A former double champion of the category, reigning 1:8 Onroad World Champion Balestri last held the 1:10 European title in 2007 having successful defended his 2006 win.  Fastest in Q4 & 5, Groskamp will start second ahead of the Capricorn of defending Champion Toni Gruber.  Enjoying a very strong season in his National 1:8 Onroad Championship with wins at the first three rounds, British driver Alex Thurston locked in the final direct qualifying spot in the Main taking his Mugen Seiki to P4.  Top French nitro onroad racer Quentin Leroux just missed the cut ending qualifying P5 despite being second fastest in Q5 and he will have to progress from the Semi Finals.

Image: EFRA [Facebook]

June 21, 2024

AKA Supernova 1:8 Offoad tyre

AKA has announced the launch of its newest 1:8 Offroad race tyre, the Supernova.  Designed specifically for hard-packed, dusty track conditions, the Supernova is the culmination of years of research, development, and testing by AKA’s team drivers.  It features a unique star-shaped tread lug pattern that enhances traction and stability, ensuring maximum control and speed on hard-packed and dusty tracks.  Constructed with AKA’s proprietary rubber compounds, the Supernova offers exceptional wear resistance, allowing racers to push their limits without compromising performance. The tyre’s optimized carcass and inner reinforcements create a larger contact patch, delivering increased forward bite.  It is available in AKA’s most popular rubber compounds Super Soft, Super Soft Long Wear, or Soft Long Wear.

Source: AKA [horizonhobby.com]

June 21, 2024

Yokomo SO/MO & YZ-870C Offroad Parts release

Yokomo has added number of new parts for some of the buggies in its 1:10 Offroad range.  For the SO series 2WD Buggy they hand an LC gearbox made from Graphite-mixed resin.  Harder than standard gearbox, it provides increased rigidity of the rear area and on throttle there is less yawing and snagging, allowing for sharper cornering.  Also for the SO is a Rear bulk cap and differential height adapter which also made of graphite-mixed resin increases stability around the rear.  New SO series rear lower suspension arm feature a modified shape to make it more flexible and the wheelbase has been extended to increase the relative front load and achieve higher cornering speeds. They are available in standard type and graphite molding.  For their YZ-870C, the buggy’s large-diameter 2.2-inch wheels are now available in a new white colour, allowing the use of current 2.2-inch size tires while retaining the YZ-870C’s distinctive wheel hubs, making it possible to choose the best tires from a varied lineup for a variety of surfaces.  One new optional part for MO2.0 4WD Buggy is a replacement axle for front double-joint universal.  Finally Yokomo are offer 5.5mm size rod end balls manufactured from titanium.  Reducing weight at the tie rod and upper rod section, they are especially effective in improving steering response and dynamic performance on high-grip surfaces.

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June 21, 2024

VP-Pro S350 new style Air Filter Foam

VP-Pro has added new style Air Filter foam intended for Sworkz’ S350 1:8 Offroad platform, namely the S350/S350BK-1/S350 EVO/S350 EVO II/S350T/S35-4.  Precision cut in a foam block for better protection, storage and to prevent any degradation, it comes as a pack of 10 pieces.

Source: VP Pro [vp-racing.com]

June 21, 2024

T-Works B7 Alu Steering Bellcrank

New from T-Works is this Steering Bellcrank made of 7075-T6 Aluminium intended for Team Associated’s B7 and B6.4 1:10 2WD Buggies.  Providing greater stiffness and strength compared to plastic material, this results in improve the overall durability and reliability and more precise and accurate steering control.  The aesthetic design of a black finish with machined silver edges adds to the visual appeal.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 21, 2024

Blitz EK9-MK2 1:10 FWD Bodyshell

Blitz has updated its  EK9 1:10th Bodyshell for FWD class with the release of the EK9-MK2.  The original EK9 was developed in 2019 because the EFRA GBS body rules for FWD class applied but now they have fine-tuned it and made the EK9-MK2.  The development of EK9- Mk2 bodyshell is based on the middle motor Front wheel driver chassis, the roof height of the Mk2 is low down 10mm, with the low profile design improving the airflow and increasing downforce, compared with EK9 the new Mk2 body can carry more corner speed, less traction roll, and much more stability.  The EK9-Mk2 body included a light decal and window mask, the pre-mark body tower mounting location dots help the user easily find the right location to mount the body.  2 different thicknesses of EK9-Mk2 Bodyshell available, 0.7mm Standard and 0.5mm Light.

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June 20, 2024

Revolution Design B7 15.5mm Clamping Servo Horn

Revolution Design Racing Products has added a Clamping Servo Horn for all Team Associated 2WD vehicles like the B7, B6.4, T6.4, SC6.4, and the entire B6 series to its accessory line.  These servo horns are made from black anodized 7075 aluminium and feature silver chamfers and a laser-etched RDRP logo, providing a sleek and professional appearance.  The 25T version fits servos from Ruddog, Savöx, Protek, Reedy and many other servos, while the 23T version is suitable for Sanwa and JR servos. These servo horns offer a secure clamping mechanism and precise control for all demanding racing conditions.

Source: RDRP [revolution-rc.com]

June 20, 2024

Ko Propo announce collaboration with Hara Racing

Japanese radio manufacturer Ko Propo has unveiled that it is to collaborate with RC racing legend Atsushi Hara.  The Onroad and Offroad World Champion has reinvented his racing career in recent months back travelling to international race events and it is good to see Ko Propo being active in the market again.  A collaboration with Hong Kong based 1:10 Touring Car manufacturer Xpress, who produced a limited edition Execute XQ11 featuring parts in Hara’s signature purple colour, proved very successful.  A driver who raced his entire professional career using Futaba but has not been sponsorship for some time, on the announcement of the new collaboration between Ko Propo and his Hara Racing brand, the Japanese driver said, ‘I’m hold KO PROPO for the first time in 18 years!’ while Ko Propo stated, ‘Please stay tuned for further developments!’.  We will watch this space with interest but it is great to see increased activity from Hara in the industry and on the racing scene.

Source: KO Propo [Facebook]